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UZOMA is new album from Mental Abstrato Project. From the African dialect Igbo, it means "the good way to be traveled". After eight years of the debut album "Pure Essence", the second comes more mature and with the consistency of good children of Hip Hop, delving deeper into their references, ranging from Samba-Jazz, Neo Soul to the musicality of ancestral matrix African music, resulting in an urban and contemporary jazz record from the suburbs of São Paulo to the World.

Vinyl 7" Inch


45 RPM

AW Collection


An urban and Afro-jazz soundtrack. Available on Vinyl, CD & all digital platforms.

Instrumental SESC Brasil.

Mental Abstrato & guests in celebration of the project's 10th anniversary, with a show on this legendary stage of contemporary Brazilian instrumental music, recorded at the Anchieta Theater in São Paulo / SESC Consolação.



Presentation + interview at the prestigious program on cultural diversity of São Paulo and Brazil / TV Cultura.

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